Adobe leaks its upcoming cloud-based photo editor, Project Nimbus

Adobe accidentally treated Creative Cloud subscribers to a sneak preview of Project Nimbus. The company had already said a little about the cloud-based, Lightroom-like photo editor, but now it has inadvertently made the app available to a number of users.

Adobe quickly realized its mistake and rectified the matter, but the slip-up gives an interesting glimpse into what we can expect to see from Project Nimbus — or whatever it ends up being called — when it is finished.

The idea behind Nimbus is to simplify Lightroom, and many familiar tools have migrated to the cloud-based version of the app. First reported by the French site MacGeneration, the accidental leaks reveals that users will have access to 1TB of cloud storage — which will prove essential as both photos and edits are stored online.

Although Adobe quickly blocked access to the leaked app, users were able to grab screenshots. They show that Nimbus features a non-destructive workflow and an automatic image tagging system. An official version of the app is expected later this year when it will supplement — rather than replace — Lightroom.

In a statement to Engadget, Adobe said:

We mistakenly shared Project Nimbus with a small group of Adobe Creative Cloud customers. As you will recall from MAX in October 2016, Project Nimbus is next-generation photo editing technology that we have been exploring as part of our Lightroom and Photoshop ecosystems. We cannot share any further details at this time but will keep you posted on future developments.