The Shadow Brokers Have Made Almost $90,000 Selling Hacking Tools by Subscription, Researcher Says

An anonymous researcher has been able to identify the email address of people who have subscribed to the monthly dump service by the mysterious hacking group.

In June, the mysterious group who for almost a year has been dumping hacking tools and exploits stolen from the NSA launched a subscription service that promised to provide new tools to subscribers every month.

The group, known as the Shadow Brokers, said this was like “wine of month club [sic]” but for router, browser, and Windows 10 exploits, among others. Since then, the subscription service has mostly been shrouded in mystery. Now, a security researcher has shed at least some light on it, claims to have identified several subscribers and estimating how much money the Shadow Brokers have made so far from the service.

“It looks like people are still paying them for NSA malware,” the researcher, who goes by wh1sks, wrote in a recent blog post.

Wh1sks estimated that, between June and early August, the Shadow Brokers have made up to $88,000 in an alternative cryptocurrency called Monero. The group made 10.489 bitcoins (around $35,000) when they were accepting donations made with the more well-known cryptocurrency.

Moreover, Wh1sks was able to find out the email addresses of five people who have subscribed to the Shadow Brokers’ monthly dump service. The researcher, who declined to reveal his real identity, was able to decode the Monero payment IDs, which contained the subscribers’ emails. When the Shadow Brokers announced their service, they asked potential customers to include a delivery email address when subscribing.

None of the five subscribers immediately responded to Motherboard’s requests for comment.
Aug 9 2017,