Not just for photos — now you can add just about anything to Facebook albums


Albums on Facebook have, logically, been a handy way to store and organize photographs. for a while now. But an update to the social network means that albums can now be used to group together posts, photos, check-ins and more.

In a fairly major overhaul of the system, Facebook is in the process of greatly expanding the capabilities of albums, making them far more versatile and useful. As well as increasing the range of content that can be added, Facebook is also surfacing collaborative albums, introducing featured albums, and more

At the moment, the update is available to Android and web users — at least the rollout has started to these platforms. It’s possible that you won’t see the update for a little while as the change propagates, and iOS users will have to wait even longer.

The update is a common sense one, and means that people are more likely to use albums. If you’re on a trip, you can now easily group together not just all of your photos and videos from the outing, but also your check-ins and posts. For that album you’re particularly keen on sharing with others, there’s the option of pinning it to the top of your profile as a featured album.

The collaborative albums feature which allows a select group of friends to add content to an album you have created, is not exactly new, but it is now given greater prominence than in the past.