KeePass 2.39 Password Manager is out

A new version of the popular password manager KeePass was released today that brings the version of the Windows program to KeePass 2.39.

KeePass is an open source password manager that stores the data in encrypted databases on local devices. It is extensible which means that you may install plugins or use browser extensions to integrated it with other programs or sync data across devices.

The new version of KeePass can best be described as a maintenance release even though new features are introduced as well.

KeePass 2.39 can be downloaded from the project’s website. While you may get update notifications when running KeePass, automatic updating is not available which means that you need to download the new version manually to upgrade that way.

Tip: You can run a check for updates by selecting Help > Check for Updates.


KeePass 2.39


One of the major new features of the new version of KeePass is support for importing exported password files of Google Chrome. Google — finally — re-added the option to export saved Chrome passwords in Chrome 66 Stable which the company released recently.

You can check out the linked article which guides you through the process. KeePass supports imports from different browsers and password managers, and the option to import from Chrome is yet another option that is available. Most import options are available as plugins which you can check out on the official project website.

Another handy new feature is the ability to enable auto-save after editing entries in KeePass. The feature is not turned on by default and needs to be activated before it becomes available.

You find the option under Tools > Options > Advanced > Automatically save after modifying an entry using the entry editing dialog.



Note that KeePass prompts you when you close the program if unsaved items exist.

What else is new? Here is a short list of the most important changes and improvements:

Process Memory Protection improved and optimized.
Secure Edit Control improvements, extensible by plugins.
Option to minimize window after auto-type (off by default, configure under Tools > Options > Interface > Minimize main window after performing auto-type).
New Edit > Show Entries options to show “Large Entries” or “Last Modified Entries”.

You can check out the full list of changes here.
Closing Words

KeePass is getting better and better. While some users may prefer to use password managers that support database synchronizations out of the box, KeePass users may add the functionality if they need it or keep all data on the local device instead.

May 06, 2018


KeePass 2.39