XTR Toolbox review

XTR Toolbox is an open source program for Windows to tweak, clean and optimize the operating system. You can download and run the tool without installation but need to know that it requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher.

XTR Toolbox is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of all supported versions of Windows. Those are, at the time of writing, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.


The interface divides the available modules in the groups “quick tools”, “other tools”, “privacy tools”, and “cleanup tools”.

XTR Toolbox comes with standard options, the cleanup of junk files or a startup manager, but also with options that many cleaning tools don’t come with.

The “Remove Telemetry Updates” tool, for example, removes Telemetry updates from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices that you run the application on.

You may also use it to remove or reinstall Windows Apps or manage Chrome extensions.

The management modules under “Other Tools” use the same layout. You may use them to manage startup items, services, installed software, and the Hosts file.

The Services Manager lists all installed services of the machine. Each service is listed with its full name, service name, status, and startup type, and you may scroll the listing or use the quick filter at the top to find specific services fast.



A right-click on one or multiple services displays options to start or stop the selection and to change the startup type.

This multi-selection option is present in all management applications that XTR Toolbox ships with. Another thing that you may notice is that many actions are mapped to keyboard shortcuts for fast access.

The management applications are quite basic, but they offer the most important functionality; namely, options to uninstall programs, disable services or startup programs, and to edit the hosts file.

Advanced features like options to run searches on the Internet or recommendations are not supported.

The junk files cleaner scans several temporary directories and caches on the system for files that are no longer required.  It features filters like a date picker or extension filter and some advanced options.

The functionality is fairly limited, especially when you compare it to CCleaner or other cleaning programs for Windows. Still, you may clean a good chunk of temporary files on Windows PCs using it.

Closing Words

XTR Toolbox is an easy to use program for Windows that is very straightforward in what it does and offers. While its modules are inferior to top-of-the-class programs, CCleaner for cleaning, Autoruns for startup programs or services, it may be worth a try if you like programs that combine many features under the hood.

Development is ongoing, and new versions featuring huge improvements are regularly released by the developer. The program has a lot of potentials but it needs further work.

February 20, 2018