Nintendo unveils Switch Super Bowl LI commercial featuring Zelda — watch it now


The Nintendo Switch is a game console that is haunting me. My brain tells me that it could be a failure, but my heart keeps me intrigued. I considered canceling my pre-order, but have since decided to keep it. Heck, I have even ordered a launch title — Super Bomberman R.

In anticipation of the console’s March 3rd launch, Nintendo will be running its first-ever Super Bowl ad. This 30-second Switch commercial will feature the much-anticipated game “Zelda Breath of the Wild.” While Super Bowl LI does not happen until this Sunday February 5th, you can watch the ad immediately online. Nintendo even has a special 90-second extended cut version.

Below you can see both videos, with the 30-second variant listed first. The extended version, which is three times longer, is second. After you watch them, be sure to head to the comments and share your thoughts on them.