G.SKILL hits 4500MHz with all-new Trident Z DDR4-4333MHz 16GB memory kit


Now that AMD has embraced DDR4 with Ryzen and AM4, as Intel already had with its processors and platforms, it is time to wave goodbye to DDR3. For legacy systems, it could make sense to buy the increasingly more expensive DDR3 for an upgrade, but in 2017, most new builds will probably be using DDR4.

If you do need to buy some memory, there are plenty of quality manufacturers nowadays, such as HyperX, Crucial, and Corsair. G.SKILL is another respected RAM maker, and the company is constantly pushing the envelope. Today, it announces a new DDR4-4333MHz 16GB Memory Kit (2x8GB) — the first ever. While that alone is very cool, the company is bragging about what it accomplished with it — an overclock that hit 4500MHz using an Intel Core i5-7600K processor paired with an ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard.

“The latest addition to the Trident Z series of extreme performance memory kit is the DDR4-4333MHz CL19-19-19-39 timing in 16GB (8GBx2) at 1.40V. This is the first DDR4-4333MHz memory kit on the market in the 8GBx2 configuration for a total of 16GB,” says G.SKILL.

The company explains, “continuing with the pursuit of extreme memory speeds on the latest hardware, G.SKILL has reached an extreme DDR4-4500MHz speed on the Intel Z270 platform, achieving a stunning bandwidth write speed of 65GB per second in dual channel mode.”



Pricing and availability for this kit is unknown at this time. With that said, it will probably be quite expensive. What we do know, however, its that the insane overclock to 4500MHz is for real. As you can see above (click to enlarge), this was achieved using timings of CL19-19-19-39 in dual channel, which resulted in read/write of 55/65GB/s and copy speed of 52GB/s.