Windows 7 Installed On Android Watch, Boots In Three Hours


What, the future is already here? Windows 7, the most popular desktop operating system in the world has been installed on an Android Watch of all devices, making this the most portable version of the OS.

And undoubtedly the slowest.

This version of Windows is still powering nearly 50% of computers, and with a little luck and a healthy amount of dedication Windows 7 can expand beyond the desktop screen — as some developers have managed to demonstrate.

Sure, it does not offer any real benefit for an Android Wear smartphone owners.

Expect the experience.

But the amazing thing is that it is actually possible to run Windows 7 on a display with 280 x 280 pixels of resolution. Certainly shows just how adaptable this version of the operating system is.

Here is a video showing the feat in action:

The most interesting part here is that while Windows 7 does work on such a small and low powered device, the touchscreen experience is painful. As expected. What is not expected is that booting up the OS takes around 3 hours.

Plus, it also drains the battery on the wearable device like there is no tomorrow!

If you do own an Android Watch, and want to give this a try, do make sure that not only is your device fully charged, but it is also plugged to the charger. The watch has a tendency to shut down during the boot up process if the wearable hardware cannot cope with the power consumption requirement.

But hey, it’s an experience, alright.

Just like some slick folks who managed to run Windows 95 on an Apple Watch recently, though that required many more steps than this little endeavor.

Source Windows10Update