Microsoft Is Updating Bing Maps With Customized Itineraries

Bing Maps is not as widely used as some other mapping services like Google Maps, but Microsoft’s still investing resources into it in order to develop new features. Today, for instance, the company has added the ability to customize itineraries of popular travel destinations.

Earlier this year, Microsoft added itineraries on Bing Maps for popular travel destinations in the US and UK. Today, Bing Maps has been updated with a new feature that lets you customize these itineraries to make them your own.

In a blog post, Microsoft explains that you can test this feature by visiting Bing Maps on your browser and search for specific itineraries like 4 day New York itinerary to customize them. The new Bing Maps lets you insert attractions that you would like to visit and you can also add or remove days to fit your schedule.

Bing Maps supports the following customizations:

Add the attractions you want to visit
Remove or re-order attractions to optimize your day
Add or remove days to fit your schedule
Save your itinerary to My Places for future editing
Share your itinerary with friends and family
Take your itinerary on the go – view it on your mobile phone

“These new itinerary capabilities are available today,” Microsoft explained. “We’ll be working hard over the coming months to expand our travel planning offering on Bing so your input is greatly appreciated.”

Eventually, Bing Maps will get better, but there’s clearly a long way to go until Microsoft manages to compete against a stronger rival like Google Maps.