Microsoft Signs Deal with BrowserStack for Free Microsoft Edge Testing

Microsoft has just announced a partnership with BrowserStack to provide web developers with free Microsoft Edge testing, with three different versions of the browser offered, two stable and one preview.

The new deal makes it possible for developers to test their apps in Microsoft’s Windows 10 browser without the need for having the operating system running on their systems or using virtual machines, with the company itself explaining there are many developers who don’t have access to the browser because of running a different OS.

In addition to the free testing, Microsoft is also offering BrowserStack’s Automate testing service to developers, once again without the need to pay a single cent.

“This method of testing allows you to run up to 10 Microsoft Edge test sessions via script, which can integrate with your local test runners via the standardized WebDriver API. You can even configure your machine so that the cloud-based browser can see your local development environment – see the Local Testing instructions at BrowserStack to learn more,” Microsoft says.

Starting today, web developers can already try out EdgeHTML 14, which was introduced in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, on BrowserStack, while shortly after the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11, EdgeHTML 15 should also become available.

Microsoft says developers will be provided with the two most recent stable releases and one preview version that’s shipped to insiders as part of the Fast ring.