Now’s the time to buy Xbox One S — Microsoft Store offering two free games with purchase


The Xbox One S is probably the best media device on the market from a value perspective. Not only does it play top-quality video games and offer streaming video apps, but it comes with an integrated 4K Blu-ray player too. Quite franky, many standalone UHD disc players cost more than Microsoft’s game console, making it a no-brainer.

Today, Microsoft sweetens the deal even further, by bundling two free games when you buy from the company directly. These two games are in addition to the ones that may already be included. In other words, starting at $299, you can get the Xbox One S and at least three games!

Best of all, Microsoft is letting you pick the two games — it is not forcing a couple of duds on you. While the selection is not the entire Xbox One S library, the selection is actually very good. Some of the quality titles included are Mass Effect: Andromeda, Battlefield 1, Watchdogs, and The Crew. Yeah, this an insanely sweet deal.

The promotion also includes deals on the Xbox 360 and original Xbox One, but with prices this low, you should just target the latest and greatest Xbox One S. You will regret going with the lesser consoles.

If you want to take adavantage of the promotion, head to the Microsoft Store here.