Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016 will be Streamed Live in 360 Degree VR for the First Time

Samsung’s February 21 Unpacked event can be streamed in 360-degree

videos from four different angles, giving us the best look at the new

Galaxy S7 smartphone.



Samsung today revealed that it would live stream the Galaxy Unpacked in 360 degree video format for the first time ever. The event that is expected to unveil the Galaxy S7 smartphone is also set to feature a number of products related to the virtual reality space. It is perhaps fitting that Samsung will showcase its latest event in the new format.

Samsung Electronics  will be hoping that the latest event helps Samsung Gear VR users reap the benefits of owning a VR device. At the same time, the 360-degree streaming option projects Samsung as a technologically advanced company, as the Korean tech giant becomes the first big company to adopt virtual reality in terms of live streaming.

The company did not namedrop the latest Galaxy S7 handsets, but the smartphone is expected to be unveiled at the event. Given all the recent leaks, almost all information regarding the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 handsets has been revealed already. Keeping consumer interest piqued might have been another reason why Samsung decided to spice up its event with VR coverage.

Samsung revealed that viewers will have four angles in which to watch the Galaxy Unpacked event – from the center stage, from the left of the stage, from the right of the stage, and from the auditorium seats. Users can pick any angle to get a complete view of the event, and given the novelty of the feature, most viewers like myself will probably use multiple angles to stream the event live.

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event will commence its 360-degree live streaming on February 21 at 7 PM CET. PC users can watch the event from the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked page and pick their viewing position to get started. Mobile users will first have to download and install the free “Unpacked 360 View app” on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. The app will begin streaming the event when it starts, allowing users to pick between their camera angles.

Gear VR users need to head to the Oculus Store and download for the same “Unpacked 360 View app”. After installation, the app has to be launched through the Gear VR headset, whereby users can pick the angle that they want to see the event from.

Samsung included a number of VR references in its teaser, and is expected to announce a camera accessory which enables 360-degree video recording. The Unpacked event will be the best platform for the tech giant to reveal the VR device. It is interesting to note that Samsung has even allowed users without a virtual reality headset to view the device in the 360-degree platform through smartphones and PCs. It appears to be a smart move by the company to ensure that potential customers get their first taste of the VR experience before actually purchasing a Samsung VR device.


Feb 19, 2016