5 major Galaxy S7 problems, and what to do about them



Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S7, is every bit as beautiful as its predecessor, and it improves on the S6 in many ways. The Galaxy S7 is fast, powerful, and waterproof — but it’s not fault-free.


We’ve been lurking in forums, scouring comment sections, and generally digging around to uncover the most commonly reported Galaxy S7 problems. There’s no need to struggle in isolation when we have a host of suggested fixes that will help you to get your S7 back on track.

Problem: Wi-Fi won’t connect or keeps disconnecting


We often see Wi-Fi problems cropping up with new phones. There are plenty of potential reasons why your S7 refuses to connect to Wi-Fi, or drops the connection intermittently.




    Some people have found that their Wi-Fi connection problem is actually related to the Bluetooth function on the S7. Try pulling down the notification shade and toggle Bluetooth off. Does Wi-Fi work better now?

    It may also be worth switching to a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection, if you have the option, because the Bluetooth problem only impacts 2.4GHz.


Potential solutions:


    Turn it off and on again. Try switching off your S7 by holding the Power button down and choosing Power off. You should also turn the router off and back on again.


    Pull down the notification shade and tap and hold on Wi-Fi or go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Find the problematic network, and tap and hold on it, then select Forget network. Turn Wi-Fi off and on again, and try setting up the connection afresh.


    You could also try resetting all your network settings. You will need to set these up again for every network you connect to. Go to Settings > Backup and reset > Reset network settings > Reset Settings.


    Take a look in Settings > Wi-Fi and tap More in the upper-right corner, then tap on Smart network switch, and make sure that it’s off.


    If your problem is with disconnecting, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > More, and make sure that Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always.


    It’s worth trying a wipe of the cache partition. Turn the S7 off by holding the Power button and selecting Power off. Hold the Power, Volume up, and Home buttons together. When you see the Samsung logo, you can let go of Power, but wait until you see the Android logo to release the other two. You should see the recovery menu. Use Volume down to highlight wipe cache partition and then Power to select it. Once it’s done, press Power and select reboot system now.


    Take a look on the website for your router manufacturer to see if there are any available firmware updates.


    You may be trying to use a crowded channel. The free Wifi Analyzer app helps you to check how crowded the channels are. Refer to your router manufacturer or ISP for instructions on changing channels.


    Make sure that you aren’t using MAC filtering on your router. If you are, then turn it off, or add your S7’s MAC address. You can find it in Settings > About device > Status, listed under Wi-Fi Mac address.


    Your last resort is to try a factory reset. Back up anything important, and go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device.




March 19, 2016