Surface Phone Prototype Exists, Runs x86 Apps In Continuum


Let’s start the end of the week with some blockbuster news! There is talk that Surface Phone exists in prototype stage, with a couple of different models being test behind closed Redmond doors.

Before we get to the details, do keep in mind that this is report is based on unknown sources.

But what it claims does make sense on a number of levels.

Starting with the fact that Microsoft is indeed planning to unveile the device with Redstone 3 in the fall of 2017. To that end, the company has developed two early prototype units, and both of them are powered by the Snapdragon 835 CPU.

And support the lightning fast Quick Charge 4.0 feature that give it superfast charging speeds with a USB Type-C connector. Wireless charging is also on the cards, naturally.

But this is where things get interesting.

Apparently, all these prototypes are powered by the 64-it version of Windows 10, with the more powerful of the two packing 6GB of RAM. This allows it to run x86 apps in Continuum mode, exclusively, though users can install them even when not connected to an external display.

The other Surface Phone houses a 4GB of RAM, but this one does not support x86 apps at all, not even in Continuum.

Chances are that this is the more affordable version of the Surface Phone, with support for legacy Windows desktop programs — similar to existing Windows phones.

Rounding up the specifications is a 5.5-inch screen, with an accessory that turns the phone into a laptop of sorts, for a new form factor. Again, this additional peripheral may only work with the top of the line model, the one aimed at business users.

So, it appears that the 4GB model of the Surface Phone will miss out on a lot of the cool stuff.

Again, all these are just early rumors for now, and nothing is confirmed by Microsoft in an official capacity. We should not expect Redmond to confirm this either, not until the phone debuts in late 2017, at the very least.

But as far as rumors go, this one is as delightful as they come.