Download Google Chrome 47 With Windows 10 Fixes


Windows 10 November Update 2 fixes, rather. You can now download Google Chrome 47, as the latest version of this new web browser arrives with several optimizations for Microsoft’s new OS.

Most of them improve general productivity and reliability.

For users not just running the vanilla version of Windows 10, but also the Threshold 2 iteration that is also known as the November Update.

Previous versions of the Chrome browser experienced a number of issues with the new operating system — some of which, in fact, caused the application to completely crash, infuriating users. Many of these issues were exclusive to users that had deployed the November Update.

This new release basically addresses all these annoyances and problems that have been reported over these past few weeks.

Users are now reporting that Chrome 47 runs smoothly on their Windows 10 systems.

So if you’re not fancied by the various alternative, including the new Microsoft Edge web browser, and are a regular Chrome user, then be sure to deploy this version of Chrome right away.

It just got a bit better on Windows 10.

Update it from within, or grab this new version from the link below.
Download: Google Chrome 47

December 2, 2015