Microsoft to Offer 12TB Virtual Machines in the Near Future

Microsoft has announced a monster single-instance Azure VM that supports up to 12 Terabytes of memory being made available in the near future. This is the largest memory configuration for a single VM in the public cloud and is part of their M-Series of virtual machines.

These new VM sizes will be based on Intel Xeon Scalable (Skylake) processors, which are optimized to be used in cloud infrastructures. The 12TB virtual machine will most likely utilize the Intel XEON Platinum processor, which supports up to 28 CPU cores, 8+ socket configurations, and up to 12TB of memory


New M-series virtual machine sizes ranging from 192GB to 4TB of RAM. These virtual machines are available now and allows a VM to be scaled up or down over 10 different sizes.

New SAP HANA TDIv5 optimized configurations on Azure Large instances that can be scaled to up 24TB of memory.

The introduction of the new “Standard SSD” class of storage that is designed for testing and entry-level production use. This storage class can be upgraded to “Premium” as needed.


These new large memory configurations are a continuing investment by Microsoft to offer memory intensive SAP HANA customers more options in order to increase performance and to capture their business. With the revenue generated by Microsoft’s Azure cloud services growing by 98%, we will continue to see Microsoft rolling out new features in Azure.