Microsoft set to reveal the future for Windows 10 on October 26



Windows 10 is, it’s fair to say, a bit of a divisive product. While it hasn’t alienated users to the same degree Windows 8.x did, it hasn’t been universally embraced in the same way that Windows 7 was either.

Part of the reason for that can be laid squarely at Microsoft’s door — the company’s overly aggressive push to get people to upgrade meant a lot of users were put off before they’d even given the new OS a chance.

Windows 10 is, unquestionably, a good operating system though, and recent changes in the Anniversary Update, and weekly Windows Insider preview builds have improved it further still.

If you’re wondering what’s up next for the OS, the good news is you don’t have long to wait to find out.

Microsoft will be hosting a Windows 10 event on October 26th in New York City, starting at 10:00 AM  ET.

The invite doesn’t go into any details about exactly what will be revealed on that date, simply that Microsoft will be showing “what’s next for Windows 10”. The invite heading — “Imagine what you’ll do” sounds intriguing though, and we hear a new Surface device and other hardware will be revealed.

The software giant will be steaming the event, and as always you’ll be able to watch it here, live.