Microsoft’s SwiftKey Is Becoming the New Touch Keyboard in Windows 10

With today’s release of Windows Insider Build 17692, Microsoft announced that their Swiftkey keyboard application will now become the touch keyboard for Windows 10. Using Swiftkey, users will get autocorrection and predictive typing in multiple languages as the application learns a particular user’s writing style.

The integration of this keyboard also brings us one step closer to Microsoft enabling its upcoming Cloud Clipboard feature. This feature allows text copied to be copied back and forth between mobile and Windows 10 devices as long as you are all using t he same account.

During the May 2017 Build event’s keynote, Microsoft announced that the Cloud Clipboard feature would use the SwiftKey keyboard application on Mobile as a way to access the data stored in the Cloud Clipboard. By making SwiftKey the new Touch Keyboard in Windows 10, there will now be a seamless keyboard between mobile devices and desktop who want to use this feature.

Clipboard Sharing Settings

When Microsoft purchased SwiftKey in 2016, it was assumed it was for the program’s artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms used for its predictive typing. With Cloud Clipboard being poised to use this app as well, the applications huge mobile base and highly rated reviews will allow Microsoft to further integrate Windows 10 with mobile users.