Windows 10 Anniversary Update Resets Some PC Settings


Microsoft confirms. Windows 10 Anniversary Update has, for the most part, seen steady deployments, with only a fraction of users reporting issues with installations.

Mostly freezes, which Redmond is yet to acknowledge.

But the company has warned that this newest refresh of its operating system can sometimes reset settings to default during the installation. This, Microsoft says, is indeed happening, and the Windows team is already working on a fix to prevent settings from reverting to default.

This is what the company says on the matter:

“We are aware of an issue that could reset a few of your personalized settings choices to their defaults. The team is working hard to fix this as soon as possible so that future updates will not cause these settings to revert to the defaults. If you’ve already updated to version 1607, here are some of the settings that may have been reset. Please go to the Settings app to re-personalize any of these settings if any have changed.”

So exactly, what settings are set to default, you ask?

Well, according to users, browser settings are being reset to default, which in this case is Edge. No matter what application people used to browse the web before, the AU defaults it to the Microsoft Edge web browser.

Pen settings is another area of concern, as are notification and tablet mode settings.

Some have even claimed that virtual desktops have to be recreated again, as the Anniversary Update resets them after installation.

Not the best first impression, if these are widespread issues, particularly as this leaves users wasting time to set things up once again after the update is installed. But at least Microsoft knows about this and is working hard on cooking up a solution.

Did you encounter any of these problems?