Access Khan Academy videos offline


Khan Academy is a great learning resource which provides free video-based courses on everything from math to history, science to music, computing, economics and more.

Most users access Khan Academy content via their website, but if you’ve limited bandwidth that might not always be possible.

KA Lite is an open-source tool which enables downloading any or all Khan videos for offline viewing later.

At its simplest, KA Lite can be used by an individual for local use on their own PC only. Browse the courses, check a box and everything is batch-downloaded in a click or two. (Beware, this might be tens of gigabytes of data– read the screen carefully before you proceed.)

That’s just the start of KA Lite’s abilities. It’s also a web server, which means “students” on your network can see any view the same contents.

Set up one or more “facilities” and you’re able to add students and coaches, track user progress over time and identify areas where they need help.

It’s even possible to sync your data with a cloud-based KA Lite Hub, which enables an administrator to track and manage all their offline installations

All this power does bring a little complexity, but that’s no surprise for something that could track hundreds, maybe thousands of students over many different schools. Fortunately, you can skip many of the more advanced features if you don’t need them, and on balance KA Lite could be a real time-saver for many Khan Academy users.

KA Lite is an open-source application for Windows, Linux and Mac.