Pick a smiley face, WhatsApp Android update packs huge new set of emojis



WhatsApp has answered the call of the smiley by adding a ton of new emojis to its messaging app as part of its latest Android update, reports Android Headlines. Heretofore disgruntled Android users will be happy to learn that they, too, can now take part in all the cool little yellow icons their WhatsApp iOS counterparts already have access to.

The Android update (2.12.372) is available now and comes with a host of weird and wonderful emojis, among them rolling eyes, unicorns, a popped champagne bottle (for when you want to get your inner hip-hop impresario on), a taco (because a taco is for life, not just for Taco Tuesday), and a popcorn box. Also notable are the new tabs, which categorize emojis into sections that include food, sports, and activities. In fact, the abundance of emoji tabs at the top means the display looks a tad cluttered, but we doubt anyone will be complaining.

The practicality of the WhatsApp update requires that the person you are messaging to also have it installed if you want your emojis to appear on their device — otherwise all they will see are blank squares.

Unfortunately, that’s all that is new in the update — just emojis. Nonetheless, anything that makes the messaging process faster and allows us to express ourselves using nothing but funny icons is a win. Forget using text: Next time you want to hit up your date about a trip to the cinema, all you need are the new popcorn and upside down smiley emojis. How can anyone resist that proposition?

Unfortunately for Google, the WhatsApp update sees the messaging platform bringing a ton of emojis to Android before the OS has had a chance to do so itself. Google has promised that Nexus devices will receive new emojis next week, but the intended rollout dates for other Android phones remain uncertain.